You really should be using this technology!

My name’s Jason, I’m the CEO and founder here at create element. And today I’m going to talk to you about the usage of QR codes and how important it is, especially if you’re in real estate. I’m using this as an example. But this works for any business. And what this is going to do is by utilizing a QR code, you’re going to be able to link directly to people’s smartphones. You’re going to either be able to give information instantly on my business card, I use a QR code. People can just tap like boom. And as soon as it’s done.

All you gotta do is, being scan that QR code and boom, I can have my contact information automatically put into anybody’s phone. This is excellent for real estate agents, but it’s got other uses as well, because I can link this directly to any landing page website, information about individual houses, all your listings. You can do so many great things. And in other businesses, I’m sure you’ve seen these starting to pop up in restaurants all around. You can just get the menu right to your phone by utilizing a QR code. Essentially anywhere where you are going to be trying to give information to somebody or get information from somebody.

All you have to do is design something that’s going to catch that target markets eye a QR code in it, and boom, you have to simplify the process, which means that your sales will go up.

If you’re interested in getting a QR code, getting signs printed or utilizing any of this technology, or just wanting to talk about how this technology could help you in your business. Hit us up here created element. Peace.