Web Development

The Development of ElephantSeal.org

Create Element was tasked with turning an outdated, non-responsive, static text site into a gorgeous, user-friendly, searchable, intuitive e-commerce website that highlights the work of the Friends of the Elephant Seal. This non-profit is dedicated to educating the public about the elephant seals and other marine life. The elephant seal rookery is located on the Central Coast of California and recieves millions of visitors each year from all over the world. The website is intended to help people plan their visit, teach them about the elephant seals, provide information on what is happening at the rookery each month, and allow them to sign up for various programs and purchase merchandise from the online store.

Web Development of ElephantSeal.org

About The Project 

Because the audience for this website is international, the website needed to be translated into multiple languages. The demographics of the visitors ranges from school children to highly-informed researchers, so the content needed to be accessible to many types of people. This entailed dividing all of the information into intuitive categories so that it was easy to find and understand. Much of the content is highly scientific, so we created a Kidz Zone that offered the ability for younger visitors to find information that was easy to understand and allowed them to dive deeper into the content if they wanted more information.

One of the main requirements of the site was the creation of the online store. Previously, people were only able to purchase merchandise in person at the San Simeon Elephant Seal gift shop and the ecommerce site was meant to be a welcome source of income that would fund the educational programs of the Friends of the Elephant Seal.

Another main requirement was the creation of a membership micro-site. Members used to have to mail in their checks and receive all information from the organization through the mail. The new site allows people to donate, join and fill out docent applications online and all of these options give them access to a special members-online section of the website, as well as discounts in the online shop.

Web Development of ElephantSeal.org

Technoligy Driven & U/I Simplicity

Bullet Point Breakdown

  • One of a kind Custom Design
  • Professionally Written
  • WordPress Powered Engine
  • Woo-commerce E-Commerce
  • Custom Shipping Options
  • Product Implementation
  • Membership Sales
  • Donations
  • Docent Registration
  • Private Log in
  • Docent & Member Only Back End Areas
  • Animated Video
  • Large Photogallery
  • Blog
  • Searchable Content
  • Custom F&Q Section
  • Google Map integrations
  • Live Beach Camera
  • School Field Trip Forms
  • Custom Docent Reporting Forms
  • Photography For The Site
  • Custom Edited Supplied Images
  • Custom Events Calendar & Posts
  • News Blog

Animation Production

Kids Zone Explainer Video

For the kids, we built an explainer video demonstrating the behaviors of the elephantseals. This video goes through the season and what the amazing aminals are up to. This was a super fun video to produce, and ads a really fun aspect to the information and learning about the elephantseals. 

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