My wheels they hum, a steel song’s reflection,

I, a nomad in leather, chasing the dawn,

Where the world’s asleep, but my heart is drawn.

To a sunrise unknown, a promise unseen,

Through valleys and mountains, where no one has been,

The glow softly whispers, a mystical embrace,

As I throttle on forward, in this endless chase.

My motorcycle’s heartbeat, syncs with the rising light,

Colors bloom and shimmer, ending the cold night,

A traveler’s joy, the road’s only lover,

I find peace in the chase, no other view above her.

Each dawn a new painting, each road a new verse,

In the dance of the sun, I’m forever immersed,

The path may be lonely, the world may never know,

The sunrises I’ve seen, on this endless road.

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