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Is your website going to be hacked? Keep it safe with these top 5 hack prevention tips.

Let’s discuss the likelihood of your site being hacked and how to avoid that. According to Sophos Security Threat Report from 2022, on average, 30,000 websites are hacked daily. That number is growing, making your statistical chances for a hack decently high over the calendar year. But don’t panic – there’s a lot you can do not to let your website suffer the negative consequences of such a problem. Here are our top 5 tips.

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Run regular Malware checks

Many websites get infected with malware, which is used to deface the

website, hack other sites, gather private data, or else. That is why it is important to run regular checks on your domain and files for such infections – the earlier you detect them, the less impact malware will have on your site and data.

Take advantage of our Site Scanner service and have your site crawled for malware daily, get immediate alerts in case of a threat, and have the peace of mind that you may prevent the bad consequences of a malware infection. 


Protect your account and site logins

Prevent Unauthorized Access To Your Account with 2FA & more. But just as a quick reminder, if we had to pick 2 things out of the long list, they would be – to enable 2-factor authentication and use long and difficult passwords, especially if 2FA is not an option on the app you’re using.

Keep all your software up-to-date

We’ll never get tired of repeating this – keep all your software up-to-date: WordPress core, plugins, themes, PHP, and any other third-party app you use. Hackers always prefer the easy door-in, meaning they would look for low-hanging fruits like known exploits, old versions, etc.

Since we know that many of you get overwhelmed or even scared by this task, we’ve done a few things to ease your job.

All WordPress sites hosted with us get automatically updated to the latest core version, and that update includes the free plugins installed. You may control the updating of your Site Tools > WordPress > Auto updates.
We automatically update your PHP to the latest stable and widely adopted version through our Managed PHP service. You can ensure that your PHP is set to auto-update and manage the rest of its settings from Site Tools > Dev > PHP.

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Use a web application firewall

The web application firewall monitors the traffic and blocks the opportunity for hackers to exploit many common security holes. Although there are many solutions like WordPress plugins or third-party services to address that need, a server-level WAF is of utmost importance since it works with big data and real-time. That is why our dedicated team of security experts constantly monitors various security bulletins for exploits and vulnerabilities, and immediately creates custom security rules, which they add to our smart and in-house managed Web Application Firewall. It protects all sites hosted with us out of the box.

Shield against common WordPress exploits

WordPress is one of the most popular software worldwide, and it has a lot of known vulnerabilities and weak points. For most of those, we have you covered via our web application firewall. However, there are still some protocols and files, which also have legitimate uses, thus making it harder for us to create generic rules without compromising their use. That is why we crafted the SiteGround Security Plugin. It helps site owners to disable XML-RPC if they don’t need it, add XSS protection, protect system folders from being injected with malicious files with just 1 click, and many more.

We hope you’ll follow our suggestions and not let hackers get you. For the best place to host your WordPress Website use 

If you ever have questions or need web/WordPress help Create Element is here! 

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