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How COVID 19 Could Positively Change Us

These are without a doubt the strangest of times. A reality TV star as our president, TP worth more than gold. It could feel like a very downward spiral for most, but let’s take a second to look at how this could positively affect our society.

For the first time in history in the computer work environment employers are saying GO WORK FROM HOME. People have been fighting for that ability for some time. School children are learning from home and getting a whole days worth of school work done in one hour. If this is not a sign that our society can start to utilize the technology they have access to in better ways to develop a much better work or school life balance then I don’t know what else would.


Lets look at this as something that could positively change our society for the better. YES there will be some down sides and this sucks no doubt. But if we all stay positive we can overcome this situation and come out of it better and stronger and freer then we ever have been before. Work weeks could be shorter, school years could be shorter, and we all could be doing more things together with our fiends and family. Life is short we really should find better ways of being able to accomplish the things we need while still having time to do all the things we want.

Create Element has always been a big promoter of the remote work environment knowing the best way to solve creative problems is the not only think outside the box but to get out side of the box.

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