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The Development of ElephantSeal.org

Web DevelopmentThe Development of ElephantSeal.org Create Element was tasked with turning an outdated, non-responsive, static text site into a gorgeous, user-friendly, searchable, intuitive e-commerce website that highlights the work of the Friends of the Elephant...

4 Proven Strategies for Developing a Better Brand

Brand development and rebranding is a serious business, with several aspects to consider. There are many things you can do, small and big, that can result in increased brand recognition, brand loyalty, and a better overall image. What can you do? Read on to find out the four most important and effective ways for developing a better brand.

Optimize Your Website For The Best User Engagement

6 Ways to Optimize Your Web Design for the Best User Engagement It should come as no surprise that in the world of online marketing, user experience is probably the most important factor. After all, if your visitors aren't "feeling" your website, then what's the...

Unique insights into how long it takes people to navigate your site

How long does it take people to navigate your site and what is the journey like and why? The great thing about navigation is that it has an impact on the search engine rankings, conversion rates and customer engagement – so it’s important to get it right. Best practice navigation is about making it easy for people to find what they’re looking for, without any trouble.

How to avoid the common pitfalls of website creation

If you’ve ever tried to make a website in the past, or are doing so at this moment, you’ll know firsthand how easy it is to get bogged down with all the little things. The one thing that gets overlooked the most when it comes to making a website is having an SEO strategy. SEO is vital for any site with an online presence, as it will help drive customers to your site via search engine result pages. That’s why we wanted to share some valuable tips with webmasters on how to avoid the common pitfalls of creating a site that uses SEO as its primary means of driving traffic. If you want a high ranking on Google then one of the most important things you need to do is have the right content. This might lead you to look at having lots of pages with lots of words, but there is a better approach. The longer your articles are, the less likely they are to be shared on social media. This means they will be less likely to appear on the search engine result pages, which is the last thing you want. So what should you be focusing on? Well, you need to know that sites with “bursts” of high-quality content are what performs the best. The longer your articles are, the less likely it is that anyone is going to share them. But if a well-designed image-filled shorter

5 Branding Strategy Tips for any Businesses

Designing your brand is all about having a solid understanding of your company’s core values and projecting that to the world. It’s about creating a believable perception of your values through your brands values and position, your visual language, your tone of voice, and your value proposition. Design can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be if you know the key elements of creating an authentic, believable brand.

Blockchain touted as the most disruptive invention after the internet?

Blockchain Technology is poised to disrupt the existing business models of major industries, which is the reason it has been called “the most genuinely disruptive” technology to have emerged.

How does blockchain change things?

Blockchain is one of the buzzwords in the world of technology these days, but exactly how is it going to affect your life? The simple answer is that blockchain is going to change the way you live. It’s already changing the finance sector, but there are also innovations happening in everything from real estate to healthcare.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the process of promoting brands and businesses, as well as products and services, using digital platforms – like websites and social media – to drive consumer traffic and lead generation. It serves as a convenient tool to create awareness about a brand and its products or services, but also to build relationships with consumers. Digital marketing involves using different mediums like social media platforms, display ads, search engine marketing (SEM)/search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, and many more. Due to globalization and increased access to internet technology, it’s now very easy for businesses to reach their target audience, regardless of their geographical location.

Social Media Sucks & Here is Why

“Facebook’s outage is an important reminder of why you need to be putting content on your website and not a social platform.”

How To Build a Brand From Scratch

Starting a brand from scratch involves so many little intricate details that most people don’t even know about. If you’re starting from absolutely nothing and you want to create a brand that can earn you a full-time income, it’s going to be a long, tedious process, but once you have it up and running, you’ll be so thankful you did.